Why ski packages aren’t a big deal for some in South Florida

By MARGARET POPEOU/NATIONAL TIMESWASHINGTON — For many in the South Florida area, it’s not just a winter sport but a major economic driver.

But ski packages, often the only way to get out and about and enjoy the outdoors, aren’t just for skiing.

They are also popular with tourists and other people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, often for longer.

“I think a lot of people who are skiing are in the ‘winter months,'” said Michael O. Mathers, a sales representative for the resort company Red Bull South Florida.

“It’s kind of a luxury for them.

It’s not a huge deal for them.”

For some, the perks are just icing on the cake.

“It’s a great way to spend money,” said Melissa T. Leavitt, a marketing manager at the resort.

“The kids love it, it gets them out and they can do something they want to do.”

And for others, it is the only escape they have.

For some who can’t afford to stay at home, the packages can be a major bargain, as they allow them to ski on the slopes of the resort for a fraction of the price.

“We are very happy with the savings,” said Lauren T. Smith, a resort spokeswoman.

“If you get the package, it just adds up, it becomes a lot more than just the ski packages.

We are also adding a lot to our resort.

It just helps us out in the winter months.

It helps us be able to do a lot during the summer.”

Red Bull is in the midst of a $50 million expansion at the Red Bull Winter Park in Lake Worth, the only resort in Florida to be a winter resort.

Red Bull says it now has more than 6,000 rooms.

The expansion is part of the company’s ongoing effort to expand to other states and beyond.

The expansion, the first to open at a resort, is expected to be completed in 2019, said Chris Rieger, Red Bull president and chief operating officer.

It includes a new winter cabin, ski cabins, cabins for adults and children, and additional cabins and a heated pool.

Red Bull expects the expansion will attract visitors to the resort by providing a new way to travel to and from the resort and by bringing more residents and visitors to its winter resort community.

“The new expansion will increase Red Bull’s reach across the state and beyond by providing our guests with a more convenient and attractive travel option, as well as a unique and memorable winter destination,” Riegers said.

The cost of a Red Bull ski package can vary by resort, depending on the season.

The Winter Park resort in Lake County is charging $150 per night for a single-night package, with the cost ranging from $350 to $750 per night.

Red Bulls is charging from $175 to $225 per night with the option to purchase additional packages, and the resort is charging as much as $400 per night to do so.

The price of a package at the Winter Park ski resort is $325, and a package is $400 at the resorts in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and St. Petersburg.

The cost is based on a three-night stay at the hotels.

For the full list of rates and pricing, visit www.redbull.com/winterpark.

Red Bulls is offering packages for a number of reasons, including to attract more people to the region.

It is also seeking to attract tourists to the resorts by adding a variety of cabins to the area, including two-bedroom suites.

In addition, Red Bulls has been working with the Southside Community Association, which is working to build a winter park on the site of the existing ski area.

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