Australia’s Graham packages expedia packages 2nd Stimulus package

The Government has announced it will pay a $5.2 million rebate for the expedia package of a second stimulus package.

The Government’s package of $5 million for two years to help exporters of goods and services, including exporters to the United States, will be split between two exporters.

It is part of the Government’s commitment to boost exports, particularly of the agricultural goods it wants to export to the European Union.

Earlier this month, the Government announced the exporters’ rebate would increase to $10 million from $5,000.

That rebate will also be extended to exporters in the Northern Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Treasurer Joe Hockey said exporters had “been left out of the package of government support” for the first stimulus package because it was not “broadly popular”.

“This package of exporters rebates is a clear signal that the Government is committed to making the exporter rebate more generous, while making it easier for exporters and job seekers to get back on their feet,” Mr Hockey said.

“The Government is making it more attractive to exporter businesses to move overseas and investing in the infrastructure that will support our economy, while ensuring the Government continues to get the goods and jobs Australia needs.”

The Prime Minister said it was the Government “first and foremost” priority to get Australians back on track.

He said the expander rebate would also help to create more jobs in Australia, particularly for those people who had lost their jobs.

“There are a lot of exporter job seekers who are still looking for work, who have jobs, but they can’t find a job in Australia,” Mr Abbott said.

“So this rebate will go a long way to help them.”

Mr Hockey said the Government would be targeting those people to “create the jobs and get the skills and qualifications” they needed to compete in the global economy.

“It’s a big step in the right direction and it is also a very welcome one because exporters who are not able to get a rebate in this package, those who are unable to get that rebate, those workers that are being left out, they’ve lost their livelihoods, they have been put at a disadvantage,” Mr Harper said.

Mr Hockey’s comments were welcomed by exporters, including the Australian Meat Association and the Meat Quality Council, which said expats should not be left out.

“We are very pleased that the expat rebate has been extended, and we are delighted that the Prime Minister is doing the right thing by giving the expats rebate,” said the Meat Industry Council’s director of export policy, Chris Tully.

Mr Tully said the rebate would give expats “the certainty and certainty that is important to the Australian economy”.

“There will be a significant impact for expats who have been working hard to secure a good job in this economy,” he said.


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