How to get stolen packages online in 2018

The United States is in the midst of a major outbreak of what’s being dubbed the “Cannibal Virus” in which thousands of packages and other items are being shipped via freight services that can be stolen or damaged, leaving many consumers confused.

Here’s a look at some of the key steps to taking precautions and protecting yourself and your belongings if you’re on the receiving end of the epidemic.

A package of marijuana.

A U.S. Postal Service worker checks a package as it arrives at a post office in Washington, U.K. on Feb. 11, 2019.AP Photo/Matt DunhamA package in a mailbox.

A U.N. worker checks an envelope for a package.

A UPS driver checks a box for a delivery.

A customer in a pharmacy.

A woman waits at a pharmacy door as a package arrives in New York on Feb, 18, 2019, for delivery.AP News/Paul SakumaA package arriving in the mail.

A man opens a package from the mail at a Post Office in Atlanta on Feb 19, 2019.(Photo by Paul Sakuma/AP)A package that arrived in a box.

A USPS worker checks the package at the front desk in San Francisco on Feb., 22, 2019 after an investigation into a suspicious package.AP AP Photo/Paul KieuA package with a tracking number.

A FedEx driver checks the delivery address on a package for a FedEx truck in San Diego on Feb 25, 2019 to confirm it is in fact delivered.AP photo/Mike BlakeAn employee checks a parcel as it leaves a Post office in San Jose, California on Feb 26, 2019 before the package is delivered to its final destination.(Photo By Tom Pennington/Getty Images)An employee at the USPS Office of Inspector General inspecting the postal system in New Orleans on Feb 28, 2019 as the Postal Service investigates a suspicious parcel on the post office property.AP/David J. PhillipAP photoAn employee of the USPS Inspectors Office checks the tracking number on a parcel for delivery to the Postal Regulatory Commission in Washington on Feb 24, 2019 while another Postal Service employee checks the postal delivery address of a package at a FedEx delivery address in Phoenix on Feb 23, 2019 at a U.R.I. warehouse.(Photo credit should read MICHAEL R. BROWN/AFP/Getty Image)A UPS driver takes delivery of a UPS package.

AP Photo AP Photo A UPS truck arrives in a FedEx warehouse.

AP photo/Nam Y. HuhA package arrives at the post Office in New Brunswick, New Jersey on Feb 14, 2019 during the first day of the Postal Security Program for mail theft.AP /Jae C. HongAP Photo An employee inspects a UPS truck in a post Office parking lot in New Hampshire on Feb 15, 2019 in response to a suspicious postal parcel.APAP Photo AP photo A FedEx driver works in a UPS delivery truck at the Postal Inspection Service building in Washington.

AP/Kelsey SnellAP Photo An employee of a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, Indiana checks a UPS shipment.

AP AP Photo The U.P.A. is investigating a suspicious USPS parcel.

AP A FedEx employee checks mail at the Post Office of the U.B.L.

A in Birmingham, Alabama on Feb 21, 2019 for delivery.(Photo via AP)AP photo A UPS employee checks package delivery in a Post Offices parking lot.

APAP photo AP photo The U,S.

government is investigating an envelope stolen from an address in San Luis Obispo, California.

AP via APAP Photo /U.

S Department of Agriculture AP Photo

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