A look at the UK’s ‘digital divide’

New Scientist (UK) article This is the third in a series of articles by New Scientist on digital divides in the digital economy. “

Using data from the British Census to look at changes in the number of households that own a smartphone and the number that own no internet service, the researchers found that the number who own a computer is growing rapidly and that many of them are moving to places with less of an internet connection.”

New Scientist (UK) article This is the third in a series of articles by New Scientist on digital divides in the digital economy.

New Zealand’s digital divide and the challenge of digital equity article New Zealander Kim Balfour and her husband, the former US Ambassador to New Zealand, have a digital divide in New Zealand.

Balfour’s digital-focused New Zealand-based company, DigitalNZ, has been in the spotlight after her husband was accused of taking bribes from an offshore company and a company that was bought out by a Chinese company.

Her husband, Richard Balfours, is being investigated by the US over the purchase of the company, which was owned by his sister.

The NZ Times reports that Balfors “owns a large number of digital properties, including a site that sells information on government agencies”.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and his wife, Maori Party leader Helen Clark, are also facing scrutiny over the company.

The New Zealand government has promised a full investigation into the Balfores.

But it is not just a digital-only divide that is emerging in New Zealander’s digital life.

A recent survey by DigitalNZ found that over half of all New Zealanders have access to a smartphone, and they do not use a computer for work.

DigitalNZ’s chief executive, Steve Tinkham, told New Zealand’s Newshub the digital revolution was changing how New Zealand lived and worked.

He said:”The reality is that people are getting on and getting to do all the things that they want to do with their phone, with their computer, with a video camera, with the internet, but they are not necessarily working with a computer or working on a computer.”

What is happening now is that we have a situation where there are a lot more people on our screens.

We have a lot of opportunities for people to work, to communicate, to explore and to explore more.

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