When Amazon’s Wal-Mart package tracking goes live, you’ll need a Google account and your wallet to get it

You’ve probably already bought or received something at a store that was listed on a Google search.

But what if that same thing, or a similar one, was listed under a Wal-mart tag?

Now, thanks to Google’s new package tracking service, you can check out a similar item without having to log into your Google account or swipe up on the screen.

If you’ve got a WalMart tag, for example, you’d get a list of all the products it sells, and then you’d see all the details, like their price, size, and shipping status.

If the product’s not listed in the search results, you won’t see it there.

“It makes shopping easier for you,” says Justin Bunch, an analyst at Bernstein Research who specializes in online tracking.

“Google knows what you’re looking for and it knows what’s available.”

Google has been using Google Now and other technology to give its own search engines, such as Bing, better information about the types of items people want to see.

The tracking feature, which works for Amazon and other merchants, allows merchants to quickly find items they may have missed on Google’s own website, or in other places, without leaving a search page or typing in the product information.

Google Now will even tell you which search results it thinks are more likely to be relevant, according to a company blog post.

Google says the service is available on a trial basis, but you can sign up to get a free trial.

But it’s not a feature that everyone will use.

In fact, the only people likely to use it are people who want to track their purchases in advance, like grocery stores or home improvement stores, which typically have a lot of inventory.

“There’s a lot more that Google doesn’t do,” says Rob Karpinski, director of product marketing for Amazon.com.

“If it’s the first time you’ve ever used it, it’s going to be kind of a novelty.”

Amazon has already added the feature to its website.

But the tracking service is only available to merchants that have a verified Google account.

And it’s only available on Amazon’s own site, not those that use Google Now.

That’s a significant change for Google, which has historically been an advocate of open, open standards for its search engines.

And while the new package search service will likely get people’s attention, it doesn’t have the reach or reach of other Google services.

It’s not available in other countries.

And Amazon has said it plans to add support for tracking outside of the U.S. on other platforms in the future.

Still, the new service has its fans.

“I think it’s very exciting,” says Brian Hart, an executive director at the consumer group Public Knowledge, which represents a lot the same businesses as Amazon.

“You don’t need a verified account to get Google Now.” 

The move to Google Now has been met with some resistance.

“As we’ve been building the consumer experience for Google Now, we’ve seen Google Now fail to deliver what the consumer needs and wants,” says Jason Fried, a senior vice president at the Consumer Technology Association, which opposes the idea of Google Now tracking.

That includes people who might not like having their purchases tracked and people who may be concerned about privacy.

And the privacy of people’s personal data, which Google is working on to improve, is another concern.

“We’re a privacy-centric company,” Fried says.

“The data we collect is public and open to all.”

He says he believes Google Now can improve its privacy and security in the long term.

The new tracking service has already been tested in a limited way, but not in an extensive way, so the company doesn’t yet have a good sense of what consumers will actually use it for, he says.

Google is also not showing the results of the searches made using the new tracking feature on its own website.

So people who are already shopping at a competitor’s website, for instance, might not see the results.

And if a customer searches for an item with a similar price, it may not show up in the results at all.

Google’s decision to add the tracking feature to the service also has the benefit of helping retailers sell products in a more timely fashion.

“They can show the same item at a lower price or a higher price,” Fried adds.

“That can give them more confidence that they’re getting the best product for the price they pay.” 

This article was updated at 10:42 a.m.

ET to include a statement from Amazon.

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