Spare your money on a spa day package? Get some cheaper options

By Pam Martens and Carol MorelleThe cost of a spa, even if it’s in a hotel room or spa, can add up.

In the past, spa days were a way to spend money on beauty treatments and other spa services that were not included in the cost of the hotel room.

But with the recession, hotel rooms have become increasingly expensive and the average cost of an individual spa day is now $738, according to TripAdvisor.

So if you want to save some money on the spa day, there are plenty of options.

Here are some of the spa packages that are available at some of Washington’s largest and most popular hotels.

You’ll find spa packages at the following hotels:AstraZeneca , $10 per spa day at the Biltmore, $20 at the Crystal Palace, $30 at the Washington Marriott, $40 at the Marriot Hotel, $50 at the Hyatt Regency, $60 at the Mandarin Oriental, $70 at the Renaissance, $100 at the Waldorf Astoria, $150 at the Hilton Garden Inn, $200 at the Marriott Marquis, $300 at the Omni Hotel, and $400 at the Westin Washington Square.

For the first time, the cost to visit a spa in the Washington area has gone up in some places.

In 2017, the average price of a full spa day was $1,095.

That’s up from $1.095 in 2016.

The price of an afternoon spa day rose from $745 to $1 (the average price is $957).

In 2017 alone, there were more than 1,300 different spa packages.

While the cost increases are real, it’s worth noting that you’ll still be able to use the services of the Spa Day Spa at a spa on the same day as your trip.

You can use the same spa day if you stay with the same person for three days or fewer.

So, if you visit with your sister and you use the Spa day Spa, you can get your sister to use your own spa day.

And if you have a family member or friend who is planning a trip to the area, you may want to check out the Spa Days package at the Hampton Inn, the Hyatts Regency or the Marriott.

These resorts offer spa services on the day you stay and offer spa packages to people who want to use their own services.

The most affordable spa day packages available in the U.S. are the following:At the Hybels Regency Hotel, the Spa days cost $150 and include complimentary haircuts and manicures, and complimentary spa treatments, massage and skin care.

It includes the Spa services at the Spa Rooms, the Beauty Room, the Health and Wellness Center, and the Fitness Center.

For $200, the spa services are $90 each, including spa treatments and haircuts.

At the Hywels Regencies Spa Day, you’ll get spa treatments for $250 and haircubs for $75 each.

For the Spa at the Holiday Inn, you get spa services at $150 per spa visit.

The spa treatments include a manicure, a pedicure and pedicled haircut for $70 each, plus complimentary spa services, massage, and skin cream treatments.

The Hyatt Marquis has a Spa Day package for $150.

There are five days in 2018 and six days in 2019.

There is no fee for the first two days and a $50 fee for each additional day.

The Mandarin Oriental has a $150 spa package.

There’s a Spa Days Spa package for the Spa and Body and Skin, and an additional $250 spa services fee.

There are spa packages for all kinds of services at some resorts.

In addition to the Spa in the Beach and Spa Days, there is the Spa Spa Package at the Oriental, the Oriental Beauty Salon Spa at Beach Splash Spa Spa, and Spa Day at the Orient Inn.

And the Spa Beauty Spa Package is available for $180, with spa services including a pedi and pedis haircuts, haircuts for $60 each, and manicure and nail care for $40.

The Marriot and Hyatt Resorts Spa Days are $400.

The Spa at Sunset Spa is $500.

The $600 Spa Days Package includes spa services in the Spa Room, Spa Salon, Spa Pool, Spa Room and Spa Room Spa Package.

The $100 Spa Days at the Grand Hyatt Spa includes Spa services including haircuts at $60 and manicurists and pedi & pedis manicures at $50 each.

The Spa at Grand Hyatts Spa Day costs $300.

The salon services include manicure for $80 each, manicure on the front desk, manicurizing on the floor, haircut, and pedics and pedials for $100 each.

The other $150 comes from a $100 spa day fee.At the

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